About Us

Hello my Indian Brothers & Sisters, the motive behind starting this Listing Portal, www.donateurbooks.com, was a News which had been seen on TV few Days Back. The News was regarding a Boy who was studying in 9th std had committed suicide. The reason was, he had no money to purchase the books, required for his studies. Are you stunned too?.

Many times we see that, there are old books, dumped in our house, or spread here and there, and are of no use to any of our children's, as they have already used it. Most of the times these old books are just wasted, by been eaten by rats or given to old paper scrap dealer.

We really think that these books could be reused if distributed among needy students or suitable persons at right time. But the major question is availability of a platform wherein we can exchange the books and where to find such needy persons?.

“We donate food to poor people as we think, that no one should ever remain hungry without having food, same way, no children should ever remain uneducated, because he does not have the books to study. "

This is the main motive behind launching this website.

The main and very important feature of this website is that, here nothing is brought and sold in terms of monetary terms. You can give away your books, to needy people at free of cost, or even if you need a book, then you can also get in Free of Cost. So now as an platform is ready, You don’t have to think, to whom shall we give our books, Just Register on our website, and start posting your books details of books.

For the maintenance of this website, we are charging a small amount of Rs 100/-, which is compulsory. Out of Rs100/, some part of the amount will be utilized for education of those children's who are deprived of education.

You can list all kind of books; it may be school, college, Higher Education, Engineering, Phd, Doctorate books, class notes, story books, Religious Books, suchasGeeta, Dyaneshwari, Kuran, Bible etc.These books may be in form of Physical Books, CD-DVD or Old Notes.

So Start Listing Your Books on www.donateurbooks.com& Help the Needy...!

Thank you.